How to create a marketing strategy for a startup

Why can’t I just get SEO experts to get me on page 1 of google?

Sure, it’s easy to find an SEO agency who’ll take your money and get you on page 1 of google in a few weeks or months. But it’s risky. It should take time and effort as my article on getting backlinks the right way will explain. So, if anyone says they can do it quickly and cheaply, they’re likely to be breaking rules. You have been warned.

Why can’t I just hire a PR agency to get me lots of coverage in my first month?

Quite simply, because your brief will be too vague. And your story will be weak. I’ve had several calls with prospects who just want press coverage because it’ll look good to investors. They’re unclear about what budget to allocate and have yet to define their business story. In each case, I’ve recommended pressing pause to think about the bigger picture and the overall message they’re trying to make. Then we’ve been able to look at whether PR is indeed the right route to go down.

Why can’t I just get a social media expert to get me lots of followers and produce lots of content?

You can get someone to get you lots of followers quickly. In fact there are quite a few tricks you can use to build up communities quite fast. The challenge is keeping them engaged. Because, creating lots of interesting, entertaining and insightful content for all your channels will be nearly impossible if that’s the only marketing activity you’re doing.

How to create a marketing strategy for a startup

Are you ready? First of all, let’s break down the difference between a strategy and a tactic.

Step 1: Establish your brand story.

This is all about working out:

Step 2: Think about what you’re trying to achieve

Lots of followers on facebook and a lot of press coverage are not great targets. Besides the fact that they’re not SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely), they’re not linked to your business objectives.

Step 3: Turn these business goals into marketing targets

Let’s take the first business goal I mentioned above. Here’s how you do it:

Step 4: Identify your potential marketing threats and weaknesses.

A lot of people forget this stage but it’s important for your strategy.

Step 5: The startup additional phase — what hurdle are you jumping over?

Now you have to identify what help your your target audience needs to “get” you.

  • Help and ideas
  • Information and education
  • Entertainment OR
  • FOMO (fear of missing out on something)

Step 6: Now we build a strategy.

As you’ll see from all the stages above, there are A LOT of factors that go into building a strategy so I’m not going to be able to prescribe your perfect one here. What I can do here is talk you through the process to building one (and then help you finesse yours over the phone, if needed.)

Example 1: Upmarketry

With Upmarketry, that would be:

Example 2: The Property Company

For our property company example, the process could go as follows:

What’s next?

Once you have your strategy, everything else should be SO MUCH CLEARER and your marketing support/agency/team should know where they need to focus and what they need to do.

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